Increasing Communication
The Practice of Overcoming Challenging People, Places and Conditions
by Marc Reymont

Whether in love relationships, work relationships, family relationships, etc. - it seems so easy to get caught up in negative emotions and personality conflicts. Communication with “difficult” people, or people we resist can become an unpleasant, destuctive downward spiral.

Marc Reymont, in his clear and entertaining style, will capture your attention as he makes sense of how we get ourselves tangled up in unpleasant relationships with others. He shares the incredibly powerful, yet simple antidote to open the lines of communication without any effort. The technique applies equally as well to situations and conditions. Take the time to use this information - you will be astounded at the results!

Without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive, practical and useful recordings ever! No matter what the "problems" seem to be, the realizations you will make with this lecture will turn those problems into their own solutions. Take control over your ability to positively interact and effectively communicate with others! A perfect introduction into truth teachings!

"You don't have to feel trapped in any situation. You don't have to feel trapped in any habit or any circumstance. Right now you can gian your Spiritual Freedom with this meditation, as you turn within. You can reverse ANY situation, you can reposition yourself now in consciousness, where it all begins..." --Marc Reymont, New Age Awareness Foundation.

Track One - Lecture (43:39)
Track Two - Guided Meditaiton (17:38)
Track Three - Additional Lecture (10:40)

Note: As this recording was originally captured over 25 years ago, you may notice imperfections in recording quality. Please be patient! We believe the value of the content more than makes up for it!

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The recordings offered here were created by Marc Reymont (New Age Awareness), and Rev. William Duby, the Founder of the Academy for Psychic Studies (established 1982).

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"Freedom is the Essence of Life"
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