Imagine Your Health & Prosperity - The Lake Barge Adventure
by Rev. William Duby

voice: Debi Livingston, CI, BCH

Ready to explore your imagination? This recording explains how you can use your imagination to effortlessly create prosperity. You can use your mind to manifest your goals, whatever they may be. What you'll experience is a dynamite imagination adventure, where you are led in a positive state of mind, your subconscious mind.

The benefits of being in your subconscious mind are peace, ease and deep relaxation. Once in this state, you are guided to use your imagination through a series of scenes. Using your imagination to focus on the soothing imagery in nature has healing benefits to you while in your subconscious mind.

This recording makes use of the positive possibilities of being in the subconscious state by guiding you, with much detail, to focus on your goals in different areas of your life. You are directed to picture and feel yourself already having attained your goals, so that you may simply "walk in to" what you have experienced in your subconscious mind in your everyday life.

What is great about this experience is the amount of detail involved in the creative visualization process. It allows you to have a very real experience where you have what you want to achieve. The Lake Barge Adventure is very relaxing. Who doesn't like to daydream while using your mind in positive ways? The information on the recording is priceless and the guided meditation power-packed and fun to use.

Track 1: Guided Meditation (50:42)

CD Format $14.95
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