Manifesting Your Goals in the New Year
by Marc Reymont

Do you want change in your life? Perhaps you would like new opportunities to come your way? Or maybe healthier relationships with others? Well this is for you! This wonderful lecture was designed for you to regain your inner power and take charge of you life. Marc Reymont is a gifted teacher who leads people out of the stupor they have found themselves in, and back to the state of mind where they are confident, prosperous, relaxed and in charge of their lives.

You'll receive an insightful lecture on how most of us manifest things in their lives; based upon hoping and wishing someday it will happen. He shows us someday is NOW. And we have the power to activate our ability to picture and feel what we want to experience and act as though it is happening now. There is a profound yet simple meditation. You'll find all the emotions and thoughts that were stirred up from the lecture cleansed and resolved by this simple exercise.

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