Meditation Observation Exercise
by Rev. William Duby

We have an infinite amount of energy, wisdom, love, prosperity, and inspiration available to each of us. But how do we get in contact with it? Ever tried to meditate and have a tough time sitting still and quieting down your mind or your emotions? Want to get in touch with who you REALLY are inside?

The Meditation/Observation Execercise is a profoundly simple way for you the Spirit--the Divine, Perfect Spiritual Being--to get into your body, or physical manifestation, so that you can enjoy your life. Originally created to help the students of the Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program at SRF, it has since become a Health & Wealth "classic" recording. It is a centering point for those who have had trouble learning to meditate, as well as a real "work out" for experienced meditators.

On the Meditation/Observation Exercise you are guided by Rev. William Duby in such a way that will enable you to rise above the distractions, thoughts and influences both physically and mentally. It is a step-by-step process that allows you to get your body grounded and station yourself firmly in the center of your own head, the seat of your soul awareness, from where you can gain certainty that you are spirit and not the thoughts and emotions.

Track One - Meditation Observation Exercise (59:08)

Note: As this recording was originally captured over 25 years ago, you may notice imperfections in recording quality. Please be patient! We believe the value of the content more than makes up for it!

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