Treat for the Soul

Amazing Open-Eyed Light Meditation
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Wonder - Treat for the Soul
An open-eyed DVD meditation
by Rev. William Duby

This meditation video uses the symbol of the circle to help clear and center the mind. The circle was considered a sacred symbol by all the ancients. It represented the ALL. All was realized within All. So pure, so simple and so divine was the circle that the sages of all the ages have used it as a mandala to meditate upon. Looking into the circle without trying to see anything in particular was meditative.

Using state of the art computer graphics, this video uses the healing power of color. The mandala-like circles generate through many colors as well as changing the color and speed of the image being looked at. This creates a powerful meditation tool combining these elements along with the powerful visual archetype of the circle.

I created this video for those sensitive souls searching for a meditative experience with beautific vision. It was Jesus who first said that He was the Light. Later, Dr. Albert Einstein, a renowned physicist, proved - within the Universe - ALL IS LIGHT! His theory of relativity isn't any longer a theory but a fact - All is Light and we are all relative light particles of atomic energy interacting with each other.

The hue of the colors are embodied in light the same as spirit is embodied in flesh and called a soul. When the soul awakens to this fact of life, he is considered enlightened and empowered to see himself in a whole new light of divine understanding. It is my prayer that this video production will help guide you inward where the immortal truth of you being awaits your discovery of the Self within the self that is unique, one of a kind and a sovereignty in Its own right. - Rev. William Duby



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