Six power-packed video recordings
Complete manual detailing the lesson material
An abundance of practical demonstrations

The International Spiritual Hypnotherapy Institute (ISHI) offers a comprehensive hypnotherapy certification training program available on videocassette. You can study to become a hypnotherapist at home with the aid of these instructional videos. This 6-tape program teaches the basic tools and techniques that are needed in order to work in the hypnotherapy field starting from how to do a pre-talk that will help alleviate client's fears to doing effective inductions, deepening the trance state and suggestion management. The instructors also share invaluable and often humorous anecdotes taken from their years of professional experience along with their simple and easy to understand instructions.

ISHI's approach to hypnotherapy is client oriented. This means that rapport and listening to the client's experience is as important as the techniques themselves. The instruction on these tapes is presented in a down to earth way, making the information easy to understand for
people with different levels of experience in the field of hypnotherapy. Along with the instruction offered, there is a structured practice schedule where the student will get to practice each technique that is being presented. The instruction and practice schedule as presented in this course will satisfy the current 100-hour requirement to become a certified hypnotherapist.

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Lesson 1: Introduction, History of Hypnosis, Glossary of Words, Suggestibility Tests

The first tape of the Hypnotherapy Home Certification Program starts with an introduction to the program. A history of hypnosis is given that ties in how people have used their minds to heal themselves throughout history. A glossary of hypnotic terms follows that will give you the vocabulary of the hypnotherapy trade and then preliminary suggestibility tests are covered which help build rapport as well as help to determine the best induction to use with different types of clients.

Lesson 2: Client Intake Form, The Pre-Talk Interview, The Conscious & Subconscious Mind, Recognition & Classification of Subjects

Lesson 3: Favorable & Unfavorable Influences, Dangers of Hypnosis, Proper Office Environment, Influence of Physical Condition

Tape 2 starts at the beginning of the office visit with the client intake sheet where you get valuable information from the client that will help you during the session. The Pre-Talk interview shows you how important it is to be able to address the client's fears and how to effectively alleviate them. The section on the conscious and subconscious mind gives invaluable information on how the mind works and how to navigate through different states of mind. The recognition and classification of subjects addresses different types of clients you may be dealing with and how to approach the varied ways that people process and learn. Favorable and unfavorable influences help you to work with people where they are at, whether they are afraid or overly helpful during the session. The importance of setting up your office environment is stressed and colors, decorations and running of the office are covered. Finally the influence of the client's physical condition is talked about and how that affects their ability to enter into a trance state.

Lesson 4: How to Hypnotize, Three Step Induction Procedure,
Dr. Flower³s Method

Lesson 5: Six Stage Depth Testing, Five Signs of Trance, Turning
Suggestibility Tests Into Inductions

Tape 3 goes right into the meat of hypnotherapy where you learn how to hypnotize the client and why inductions are set up the way they are. You will learn the classic Dr. Flower's induction method and see demonstrations of this method done with the class on videotape. Once the inductions are learned then you will learn how to determine trance depth. You will be shown five signs of trance to help you discern whether someone is truly in trance or not. Another type of induction is then taught that will show you how you can induct someone into the trance state while doing suggestibility tests with them.

Lesson 6: Suggestion Management, Reinforcement & Encourage,
Leading & Pacing, Resourcing

Tape 4 covers the dance that happens between the facilitator and client once the trance state is achieved. You are guided through what to do once you have someone in a trance state. The importance of giving hypnotic suggestions is covered along with how to handle giving these suggestions. Reinforcing and encouraging the suggestions given are the key to a client's success with the trance experience. The importance of the pace of the hypnotherapy session is talked about and you are shown effective pacing methods. Finally, you will be shown how to resource the client while they are still in the conscious mind that will help you as a hypnotherapist guide your client to the source of the problem they are addressing in the session.

Lesson 7: Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Rapid Inductions, Blackboard Induction, Waking Suggestion

It is said that without post hypnotic suggestions all hypnosis would be ineffective. Tape 5 shows you how to effectively use the tool of post hypnotic suggestions. Rapid inductions are then covered where you are shown how to instantly induct someone into a trance state. A blackboard induction is shown that is a great tool to use with people who are analytical or think a lot. The importance of waking suggestions is given and you will see how suggestions given while the person is in their normal conscious state are the most effective suggestions of all.

Lesson 8: Deepening Techniques, Repeated Inductions,
Resourcing While in The Subconscious Mind

Lesson 9: Anesthesia Management, How To Produce Anesthesia, Combining Hypnosis with Anesthesia, Bleeding Control, Glove Anesthesia

Lesson 10: Applications, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management,
Weight Control, Mechanical Aids

In the final tape of the program more deepening techniques are covered as well as a resourcing technique that can be done while the client is in their subconscious mind. This technique is the cornerstone for getting to the source of the problem. Producing anesthesia while in the hypnotic state is taught that can be used for dental visits or surgery. Different techniques of producing anesthesia are taught. You are taught how to apply hypnosis to different issues people may have like how to do a stop smoking session, stress management and weight control. Finally you are shown different mechanical aids that you can use in the hypnotherapy session such as audiotapes, white noise, hypnotic wheels, metronomes, etc. that can help induce a trance state.


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