Releasing Grief & Accepting Love
by Angela Silva

A gentle and nurturing recording, “Releasing Grief and Accepting Love” guides you to a special place within where you are surrounded by love and acceptance. The highlight of this recording is the loving release of pain and replacing this pain with loving feelings and memories of happy times with those you love. The recording delivers a very thorough yet simple induction to help you get into a positive and subjective state of mind. It is a simple self-hypnosis technique which allows you to quickly and easily enter your subconscious mind. The emphasis of this induction is placed on the relationship between the body and spirit. Positive suggestions are given to help the body release pain and to instill constructive habits of taking care of the body such as daily exercise and giving to yourself on many levels.

This recording calms the body and helps it to feel safe and relaxed. Love and how the body experiences loving feelings are accentuated which help in the release of pain and grief. Through gently acknowledging pain we may be feeling and through the experiencing of unconditional love and acceptance, the painful feelings can be released easily. If you are grieving over the loss of a loved one or the disruption of a dream dear to your heart, you will find this recording helps you get in touch with the essence of the love you experienced and let go of the pain of loss. The power to change your experience is within you and “Releasing Grief and Accepting Love” is an effective tool to help you in the process.

Track 1: Bonus! Easing Your Way Into Trance (31:13)
Track 2: Releasing Grief & Accepting Love (29:22)

CD Format $14.95
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